Criminal Justice Trainers Association

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering our programs developed by the "Criminal Justice Trainers Association" known as CJTA.

CJTA is a group of current and former law enforcement practitioners dedicated to creating quality training programs designed to meet state training requirements in many different areas.

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 Jim McDermott, Executive Director   

Vision Statement:

CJTA maintains the vision of creating a comprehensive and engaging online training format for those professionals employed in the Criminal Justice Field.

Mission Statement:
CJTA will explore and review all sources of material for our courses in order to provide the best quality of online education available in the Criminal Justice field.
CJTA will include multiple learning interactions so as to make the learning experience worthwhile.
CJTA is dedicated to developing training programs to meet specific requirements for departments and agencies based upon on State and National guidelines.
CJTA will strive to produce training programs that provide the end user with an outstanding value for their investment.

Docendo Discitur 

Our latin motto, "Docendo Discitur" translates to "It is learned by teaching", this line represents our Association's philosophy for the quest of knowledge through the teaching and presentation of our courses.

 Our tag line, "Delivering Tomorrow's Training Today", supports our goal to present the most current and up to date information in our courses.